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The Disk Doctor carries out hard drive maintenance in Ashampoo WinOptimizer 9. Problems with the file system and file structure are identified automatically. The tool allows defective sectors to be repaired, including damaged MFTs (Master File Tables), and also gives you the option to recover lost data.


What’s MFT?

The Master File Table (MFTt) is a crucial part of a NTFS file system, which is present on all (latest/later) Windows computers. The MFT consists of at least on entry for every file on the NTFS drive, including the MFT itself. At first the MFT of an NTFS file system is created and evaluated. This file contains important information on the saved files on the hard drive.


How to use Disk Doctor

As always Ashampoo WinOptimizer 9 combines highly complex technical processes with an easy-to-use interface. Under Drive (see arrow) you can choose a partition from the drop-down list to be checked. The Disc Doctor examines the active partitions of your hard drive looking for defective sectors as well as structural problems and tries to repair those. This way files can be restored or sectors used again. Problems of this kind can occur after system crashes, invalid deletion and also after power cuts.


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Using the method Check now examines the currently selected partition for possible defects. During the process all occupied sectors and parts of the file system are examined for errors and, if possible, repaired. Unreadable sectors are either reactivated or the data on the sectors are relocated to other sectors. Sectors that cannot be repaired are put on the “bad cluster list” to prevent data loss and other problems. From then on no data is stored in those sectors any more.


The Intensive check scans all sectors, whether occupied or not. This method scans all sectors thoroughly. Every single block of a cluster is checked for errors or problems. PLEASE NOTE: This method might take a very long time especially for large hard drives!






Disk Doctor