WinOptimizer trenner Procedure


Scanning functions

In order to view your hard drive content individually and in great detail, the most important settings are very easy to use. In the partition selection (see green box) you can select the partition you want  to scan. After the scan is completed, further options appear which offer different appropriate possibilities to filter your search results.


Use Start (see arrow) to start the scan.


WinOptimizer wo9 diskspace options.zoom85 Procedure


In Chart (upper item in the red box) you can select in which format you would like the results to be presented. You have different diagram formats to chose from. Just give it a try! Show (lower item in the red box) selects which files are to be considered.


Files / Structure (blue box) enable a presentation of all files as a list (files) or as a structure (with folder structure, diagram).


In Settings you will find more appropriate setting possibilities to individually adjust the presentation of your search.