System Benchmark

WinOptimizer trenner System Benchmark

The System Benchmark module checks the processor and measures the system memory’s performance. The results are subsequently compared to the values of various reference systems to let you rate your system’s performance. Click Start benchmark utility to start the test.

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What is the result comprised of?

The benchmark is comprised of: Integer performance, FPU performance and RAM performance.


Integer-Performance (Dhrystones)

The Dhrystone test informs you about your system’s CPU performance, measured with integer operations, which are required for basic tasks of the system and working with compilers, text, logic simulations and databases. The final numerical value reflects the processor’s access speed and constitutes a third of the benchmark’s total value.


FPU-Performance (Whetstones)

The FPU (Floating Point Unit) performance represents the computing power when handling floating point operations and can drastically improve the processing speed for mathematical and graphical operations. The final numerical value constitutes a third of the benchmark’s total value.


RAM-Performance (RAMperf)

This part of the benchmark determines, how often the system memory can write and read test blocks within a given timeframe. The more repetitions, the better your RAM performance. The final numerical value constitutes a third of the benchmark’s total value.


Compare results online

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After running the benchmark, you can compare the results online! Just click on Compare results online and you’ll be connected to the the Ashampoo server. Your result will be compared in an international ranking of many, many Ashampoo users. Just have a look who’s hot and who is not!

Note: No personal data will be submitted or saved!



















System Benchmark