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General information

The navigation within this module couldn’t be more simple. There are three categories: Hardware, Drives and Software. You can find these on the left-hand side (see red box) and you can access them with just one click. If you, for example, open Hardware, you will get more information by clicking on the tabs (see green box). To create a report on your system, click on Create report and an appropriate HTML file will be created.

This file can be helpful, for example, if you are looking for help in a forum or contact the support by the manufacturer.


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The category Hardware provides information on your CPUs (with multi processor support). It shows all relevant processor characteristics. You also get an extensive analysis of the main board (processor, co-processor, cache(s), clock frequency, socket etc.) . Graphics information, e.g. monitor resolution and graphic controller information (RAM, chipset …) is displayed, too.


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Here you can examine all information concerning you network: Installed network adapters, your own IP address as well as you MAC address. From now on you’ll know everything about your network! The tab USB displays all USB devices. In a detailed list you get information about USB hubs, flash drives etc.




In the category Drives you will get extensive information on your logical drives. Choose a drive and you get information on the free capacity and much more instantly! You also get other information on your drive, e.g. space of partitions, producer, sectors, serial number ….


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Get to know your system better! In Software you get information on your system’s version number and user data as well as a list of interesting Windows and operating system characteristics (Tab: Windows). In a nutshell: You get a compact but extensive overview of your system.

You can also access the list of installed programs and applications including version numbers (Tab: Software). This allows you an objective insight into what programs and applications are currently installed. You also get information on your memory: installed modules, RAM type, access speed etc. (Tab: Memory (RAM)). In the tab Drives you get a list of all drives currently installed on your system.


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