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A perfectly optimized operating system also depends on file associations to work properly. The File Associator automatically checks and repairs faulty program and file associations. Manual assignment plus the option to save various statuses via profiles are both incorporated as a matter of course. Additional security is provided by the real-time backup connection.


What are file extensions and associations?

Files are associated with certain extensions. These file extensions provide the computer with necessary information on which program is used to open the file. Without file extensions it is impossible for your PC to know whether a file is e.g. a photo, film or text document. Let’s take the extension pmd as an example: PMD means Planmaker Document and is an Ashampoo Office format. If you save a document in Ashampoo Office, not only your chosen/selected filename but also the file extension, e.g. letter.pmd will be saved. Based on this extension the system knows that next time this file is supposed to be opened with  Ashampoo Office. The computer knows the relation between the extension pmd and Ashampoo Office, there is an association (relation/association) between document and program.


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Working with the File Associator

The File Associator shows all file extensions of your system alphabetically ordered. You will find the file extension on the left hand side, then (if available) the format-description (including format information) and on the right hand side in Opened with the program which the file extension is associated with. In the example (see picture above) the file extension is pmd, the format description PlanMaker Document  and the program PlanMaker.exe. If you want to open a file with a different program, you’ll have to change the association. Click on an extension and then click Edit (see picture below).


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A menu opens (see below) in which is indicated which program was used to open the selected file extension and which icon (image) is shown. A click on the boxes on right hand side of the column (see  arrows below) opens the explorer and allows you to select a new New Association. If you’d like to associate for example the graphics format JPG with a different program, you’ll have to find the .exe file of the program, select it with your mouse and then click on Open. From then on this type of file will be associated, this means opened, with a different program. Similar to this you can change the icon (image), where you can chose from different icons (depending on the .exe chosen).


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To apply and save your changes, click on Apply (see image). With Undo you can reverse the changes made in the associations.

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With Show file formats you can organize the list of associations more clearly. You can choose the associations of which formats (image, video, audio files etc.) are to being shown. A click on the  arrow opens a drop-down list in which you can select the appropriate format with just a click.

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File Associator