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The desktop is a kind of virtual living room for many users. The arrangement of desktop icons often represents a special, sensible composition which should not be changed, but by the user himself. To save these settings, the Icon Saver is able to recover the arrangement of you desktop icons after an unintentional change (e.g. by games, new graphic drivers etc).



The Icon Saver is very easy to use. At first you should save the current settings.

      WinOptimizer wo9 iconsaver create.zoom85 Icon Saver


Please choose a conclusive name first, enter it below Enter a name for the new save point: and then click on Create save point (see picture above) to create an initial saving point.


WinOptimizer wo9 iconsaver restore.zoom85 Icon Saver


Then you see in the list the first save point (here named “Test”), which consists of its name, the number of icons and a time stamp. If you have already created a save point and want to restore it, just click on Restore, confirm your action and your icons will be arranged the way they were arranged when you created the save point. If a save point has become outdated, then just delete it by clicking on Delete.




Icon Saver