Rejoining splitted files

WinOptimizer trenner Join a set of splitted files

To rejoin a file with File Splitter & Joiner is also simple.

Please select one of the components by using the browse button. It does not matter which part of the components you take (see arrow). As soon as you have selected one part, the module displays the information about the original file and the number of (required) components. File Splitter & Joiner will rejoin the file where it found its components. If you want the file to rejoined in a different place, select a folder using the browser button (see green box).


Then click Start (see red box).


WinOptimizer wo9 join.zoom85 Join a set of splitted files



The module will now rejoin all components into one single file. If you confirm the prompt with YES, the original file will be overwritten. This will not delete the previously generated single components.


Clicking on OK in the confirmation dialog brings you back to the start screen of File Splitter & Joiner.




If one or more components are missing File Splitter & Joiner tries to rejoin all parts, beginning with the “start file” with the extension “.part00000“.


Example: You have split a file into six parts and due to some bad circumstances part 3 which should have the extension “.part00002″ is missing. In this case the module will only rejoin the first two parts.













Join a set of splitted files