Split a file

WinOptimizer trenner Split a File

Splitting a file with File Splitter & Joiner is really simple and takes only a few steps.

First you select the file you want to split by using the browse button (see arrow).

Please select the file size for the single parts either from the proposal list or enter a used defined file size using the arrows in the user-defined file size field (see green box).


WinOptimizer splitjoin.zoom85 Split a File


Click Start to begin (see red box).

The module will now generate the single parts. This will not delete the original file. The new files will be stored in the same folder like the original file. The first part will get the extension “.part00000″; the second one “.part00001″ and so on.


Clicking on OK in the confirmation dialog brings you back to the start screen of File Splitter & Joiner.











Split a File