WinOptimizer trenner Procedure


Start the module

Please note: Read the information on the start screen of the File Wiper module carefully. See the File Wiper, Options and Deletion method and Security topics in this help section for additional information. Files and folders that are deleted using the File Wiper cannot be restored!



WinOptimizer wo9 filewiper.zoom85 Procedure



Options and selection of the deletion method

In this module you need to choose the file wiping method that suits your security needs. The default setting will produce secure results for most purposes but you should select higher security levels, if you are deleting very sensitive data.

The options of the deletion methods can be found in Options.


Choose the files and folders you want to wipe

Click on Folder or File(s) to select the files and folders you want to wipe and then click on Open. See Selecting Files & Folders for more details. Please note that the selected and deleted files and folders cannot be recovered later on!


Delete the selected files and folders

Click Destroy and follow the instructions displayed to delete the selected files and folders permanently. Please be absolutely sure you want to delete the files — they cannot be recovered afterwards!


Note: Wiping the files can take quite a while, if you have selected one of the higher-security wipe options.



When the wipe is complete the results screen will be displayed automatically with a summary of the operations performed.






If you see messages saying that certain files could not be deleted, this is probably because they were opened or in used by a different program. If you still want to wipe these files, close all other applications first and then select them again. Folders can only be deleted, if they no longer contain files. This means that you can only delete a folder, if you also delete all the files it contains; otherwise you will get an error message saying that the folder could not be deleted.