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What does Internet Tuner do?

We created the Internet Tuner, because we discovered that the standard Windows® settings for many of the parameters controlling online performance are not actually very good for most modern Internet connections. We then performed exhaustive analysis and testing of the performance of various settings combinations (some of which have little or no documentation) until we came up with a set of settings delivering the best performance for each access type combination. In the screenshot below you see the main dialog of the Internet Tuner.


WinOptimizer wo9 it main.zoom85 Internet Tuner


Improvements depend on the system

On most systems the Internet Tuner will bring a significant increase in performance concerning the internet connections, but unfortunately not on all! As the list of possible configurations is almost endless, it is impossible to cover all variations with a program such as this. If problems occur or even a drop in performance, just use the Backup function to recover the initial settings. Feel free to send us an e-mail with information on your configuration and we’ll see what we can do to help.


Automatic and manual optimization of your internet connection


You have two options to optimizer your internet connection using Internet Tuner. Many users will prefer the method “adjustment automatically”, as described in the next chapter (Automatic Optimization). This method is easy, safe and will achieve excellent results on the majority of computers.


Experienced users and “technology freaks” can set parameters, that are changed by the Internet Tuner, manually. This method might be lots of trial and error, therefore we ask you to use the backup and recovery  functions as described in the chapter Security and Restoring.


How much improvement can you expect?

The improvements you can achieve highly depends on the quality of your lines, the appliances, the performance of your internet provider and how well your computer was configured to start with. Because of all these variables we can’t make any guarantees, but generally you can expect to achieve an improvement in the region of around 15-30%. However, we also don’t want to hide the fact that we’ve achieved improvements of up to around 50% on some configurations!


















Internet Tuner