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Automatic Internet connection optimization

This section describes the automatic method of optimizing your online throughput performance with Ashampoo Internet Tuner, which is the method that most users should use. This is easy and safe and will produce excellent performance on the great majority of computers. If you want to optimize your connection manually, please use the information on the parameters provided in the Manual Optimization section.



Please do not use Internet Tuner, if your computer is configured and acting as a server in a server/client network!


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Optimize settings for this Internet connection:

This selection is crucial! Please make absolutely sure that you have selected the right type (ISDN, W-LAN, DSL with the highest possible connection rate).  Ask your computer dealer or system administrator, if you are not sure. Selecting the wrong type can make your connection slower or instable instead of speeding it up.


Optimize settings for this adapter:

Many computers have several network interface cards and are further connected to different networks via modems, wireless network interface controllers and other devices. Make sure, that you have selected the right type of adapter for the optimization.


Click Apply to save your settings.


Qos (Quality of Service)

Quality of Service (QOS) is a process to influence the data traffic of networks with the objective to deliver data of certain services according to given quality parameter to the receiver. This option could slow down your Internet connection. However it might be useful for certain services (e.g. voice over ip). Therefore activation or deactivation is a question of how you use your Internet connection.


Set back to default

Working with functions like these, often means trying and testing. You can always reset the settings to default, so that you don’t get lost totally in the end. Just click on Reset to Windows default and restart your computer.


After the optimization

Always shut down and restart Windows® to apply your changes before you go online again after optimizing your Internet connection.

Restart your system before you go online with your new settings! A few modifications need a restart to become valid.





It might take a while till you release that your setting brought you higher performance, because your settings depend on a lot of other factors, like your Internet usage rate, the number of page views and so on. Just load a certain website after optimizing at different times of the day to make out differences.





















Automatic Optimization