Manual Optimization

WinOptimizer trenner Manual Optimization

This section provides more detailed information on the parameters that are optimized automatically or manually by the Internet Tuner module. Please study them carefully before trying to use Internet Tuner to optimize your Internet connection manually. If some does not go well – don’t panic – you can always reset the settings to default. This way are always safe.


Organization and Structure of the Module

Manual optimization is developed for experienced users that would like to jump into system settings with only a few clicks. To do so you will find the corresponding tabs in which you can configure the system settings/parameters. Links at the end of  this site provide details on these parameters. Please note that faulty input might lead to lower performance of your Internet connection.


WinOptimizer wo9 it manually.zoom85 Manual Optimization


Below the menu there is a drop-down list where you can select for which adapter (wireless network interface controller, modem etc.) the setting should be applied. You finish this process by clicking Apply. Please note that faulty input could lead to a worse performance.


WinOptimizer wo9 it manually 2.zoom85 Manual Optimization



Parameter for manual configuration




NDI Cache Size

MTU Black Hole Detection

MSS (Maximum Segment Size)


RWIN (TCP Receive Window)

TTL (Time To Live)



Set back to default

Working with functions like these, often means trying and testing. You can always reset the settings to default, so that you don’t get lost totally in the end. Just click on Reset to Windows default and restart your computer.



Click on Apply in order to apply the selected changes. Many settings are only really applied after a restart.












Manual Optimization