WinOptimizer trenner Security / Restoring Changes

The main security issue with Internet Tuner is the possibility that you may make your settings worse rather than better. If you use automatic optimization this is very unlikely, provided that you select the right adapter type and connection mode in the Adapter and Automatic screens. But even if something does go wrong, you can always restore your original settings with the backup functions (described below), which automatically backs up your system configuration the first time you start the program.


Some configurations have much more potential for creating problems. Rash experiments with values and settings can make your Internet connection slower or less stable, and in extreme cases you may no longer be able to go online at all. Here too, however, you can always restore your original settings with the Backups function described below.


The backup function of the Internet Tuner

The changes of the Internet Tuner are saved in Backup. If you would like to reset changes, you will find a backup there, so that none of the previous settings will be lost.


WinOptimizer wo9 it reset.zoom85 Security / Restoring Changes


Restoring Windows® defaults:

You can also restore the standard Windows® settings for all the Internet connection settings that can be changed by Internet Tuner. Just select the Reset to Windows® default button.



This setting restores the Windows® settings as they were when Windows® was first installed, before you made any changes for your own modem etc. This means that it will also overwrite any settings that were changed when you installed your modem, which can cause problems with your present configuration. Only use it if you are experiencing serious difficulties with your Internet connection and want to start with a clean slate – for example so that you can re-install your modem.




Security / Restoring Changes