TCP 1323Opts

WinOptimizer trenner TCP1323Opts

This parameter is required to enable large TCP receive window (RWIN) support as defined in WinOptimizer wblnk TCP1323OptsRFC 1323. When it is not activated the TCP receive window is limited to a maximum of 64K.

Logically, you only need TCP1323Opts if you are using RWIN values higher than 65535, but then it is essential!


There are four possible settings:


· Disable TCP1323Opts
· Window scaling only (recommended setting)
· Time stamp only
· Window scaling and time stamp


About the settings

Enabling both window scaling and time stamp can help in some cases, if you are experiencing increased packet loss. However, performance is generally better with window scaling only as the time stamp option adds 12 bytes to each packet header. Turning off window scaling is not recommended.