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The StartUp Tuner is easy to use and self-explanatory A revised graphic labeling of necessary Windows® autostart entries as well as an optimized way of presenting the information for single entries are characteristic for the new improved StartUp Tuner. You can access and uninstall unnecessary software directly. The range of functions of the StartUp Tuner is completed by the option to get an overview of IE plug ins and the possibility to delete those, if necessary.





To fully understand the StartUp Tuner you must know that the entries for auto-start programs are can stored in different places in your Windows® system. These places are displayed in the auto-start entries screen.  



There are four major categories:


Entries in the Startup folder

This folder is located in the section Programs in the Windows® start menu. (You can access this section directly doing a right click on the Start button in the task bar and then on Explorer. This way the entries can be accessed faster, because you find them in the start menu right away. If you then create a link with an executable program and file this link in the startup folder, this program will be started automatically when Windows® starts.


Entries in the Windows® Registry

This is a complex section with a large number of subsections, that are all listed in the auto-start entries screen. These entries are very difficult to find unless you work in the registry directly. This is only advisable for experienced users. When errors occur while changing the registry there might be serious malfunctions or even that Windows® will not boot any more.


All Users / Current User

When a program is installed, it’s either installed for all users or for the current user (In future it will only be accessible via the current user’s profile.). To display this important distinction StartUp Tuner distinguishes between these two categories.



Plug-Ins are little programs or links, that usually make sure that certain contents is displayed or processed correctly. There are e.g. several plug-ins for the Internet Explorer, so that e.g. Java, sound files and other formats are displayed correctly. After using your system for a while and using multimedia in the internet, you’ll probably find dozens of plug-ins here.











About Auto-start entries