Uninstall Manager

WinOptimizer trenner Uninstall Manager

The Uninstall Manager provides an overview on all installed programs and makes it possible to easily remove them. Under Entry you can find the program name (or name of the update), next to that the software producer and the installation date.

Under Entry you can find the name of the application (or name of the update), to its left the manufacturer and the installation date.


To uninstall an application, select it with a left click and then click on Uninstall application and answer the follow security question with Yes. Then the program is removed.


Delete entry: Do you the error message “Cannot find install.log” (or similar), if you want to remove a program? If a program was not removed correctly and is still in the program list, you can remove it anyway. Use a left click to chose the entry and then click on Delete entry and answer the following security question with yes.


Choose Refresh to use the program to look for installed programs again. Usually this is done on every start of the module.


WinOptimizer wo9 um deinstall.zoom85 Uninstall Manager


As always you will find in Ashampoo WinOptimizer 9  further useful information in the lower left hand corner (green frame). There you can not only find the version of the installation  (which can be useful in search of errors or updates), but also the associated website (of the developer / manufacturer) and also the command line (this is the path, with which the installation is started).




Uninstall Manager