WinOptimizer trenner Live Tuner

Set & Forget – is the best way to describe our live tuning mechanism. The configurable Live Tuner, unique in its own kind, speeds up the start of applications and adjusts the priorities of background applications and services in order to take care of the optimal distribution of system resources for running applications. Selected processes / services can be shut down immediately.

The Live Tuner can be found in the program overview (see picture below).

WinOptimizer wo9 livetuner overview.zoom80 Live Tuner




If the Live Tuner is active, its symbol (two cogwheels, in the image below on the left) appears in the task menu.

WinOptimizer wo9 livetuner taskbar Live Tuner




With a mouse click on the Live Tuner icon, the processes which the could be optimized are displayed. If you do a right click on the symbol, a menu with interesting functions appears. Using this menu you can      

- shut down the Live Tuner

- start the One-Click Optimization

- start the Ashampoo WinOptimizer

- configure the Live Tuner according to your wishes

- have the status of the Live-Tuner displayed (show the last run processes)


WinOptimizer wo9 livetuner status Live Tuner



Live Tuner settings

You can run the Live Tuner after every system start automatically, of course. Just activate “Run Live Tuner at the start of Windows” by checking the box in front.


WinOptimizer ltopt1.zoom85 Live Tuner


Rules (see below) could help to adjust the resources to the priority of processes. If these rules should be applied to processes that were started before the Live Tuner, check the box in front of “Apply rules also to existing processes after launching the software“.


Accelerate the start of applications

The Live Tuner provides more resources for starting applications and therefore increases the priorities of processes. Especially if you are running several programs simultaneous, this can have a positive effect on the starting duration of applications. In “Accelerate launches of applications” you can define how long the priority of the starting program should occur. Furthermore, you can decide whether the Live Tuner should be active under CPU load and how high this processor load can be.


Make and edit rules

By default the Live Tuner accelerates all starting programs by assigning them a higher priority. Using a rule rather unimportant processes can receive a lower priority. This is highly appropriate for processes that are very undemanding during operation. Our developers have already found a few processes that also run perfectly with a lower priority. If you would like to add other programs, you can easily do this by using Add, Edit and Delete.

WinOptimizer ltrules.zoom85 Live Tuner