What does the Drive Cleaner do?

WinOptimizer trenner Drive Cleaner


Drive Cleaner seeks out and deletes redundant files on your computer drive, freeing up valuable space and streamlining your system. The default settings are safe and will only find items that can be safely deleted. If you are not sure about changing the settings, just leave the default settings as they are. This will produce good cleanup performance with maximum protection for your system. To understand how to use this module, move on the Procedure topic. For further information go to Options and Security.


By default items that are deleted by the Drive Cleaner are not moved to the recycle bin, but deleted directly. If you prefer item to be moved to the recycle bin first, for example to have a closer look at the items that will be deleted, please select or rather change this option under Options.



The Drive Cleaner identifies a lot of redundant files according to their file format (e.g. *.temp, *.bak etc.). User programs shouldn’t use those kinds of file formats for files that contain important information. However, there are exceptions. Lots of these programs are already in the exceptions list.

If either you or an unknown program use extensions, such as .tmp or .bak, for crucial files, Drive Cleaner will identify them as redundant. This is especially true for older DOS and Windows® 3.1 programs that were produced before today’s standards. Therefore always have a look on the detailed result list (click on the magnifying glass icon), before deleting the files that were found.

If you find important files among the results, they can be added to the exceptions list. Right-click on a selected file and define selected files or file names or folder as exceptions (see picture below).


WinOptimizer dc 9.zoom85 Drive Cleaner







Please be extremely careful with several installed Windows®-Versions:

The deletion of files that were marked as redundant. This can be dangerous on a “multiboot”-system with more that on Windows®-Version. If the other Windows®-Version doesn’t lie on a hidden partition, you will get an error message. Only use this program, if you’re sure what you’re doing!












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