What does Internet Cleaner do?

WinOptimizer trenner Internet Cleaner

Using the Internet and surfing the web creates an amazing number and variety of temporary files and data objects on your computer. Almost all of this data can be deleted safely. These are two  reasons why you should get rid of that kind of clutter:


Restore lost disk space

Depending on your browser and Windows® Internet settings, temporary files can occupy a huge part of disk space. Hundreds of megabytes of lost disk space can be almost normal with Windows® standard settings.


WinOptimizer wo9 ic results.zoom80 Internet Cleaner



Protect your privacy

All objects leave a trace of data therefore people with access to your computer could retrieve information on what you have done and what sites you visited online. If you do not like this idea, you should take action now!



How does the Internet Cleaner work?

Internet Cleaner finds and allows you to delete all the temporary or security-compromising data types created on your machine while you are online.

At the same time, it provides mechanisms for maintaining the convenience of these Windows® and web mechanisms. For example, you can create a list of trusted sites whose cookies will be ignored in the searches. In the screenshot below you see the main dialog of the Registry Optimizer.


Note: Don’t change the options/settings unless you know what you are doing! Always read the instructions in the dialogs BEFORE changing the options/settings of the function modules. Use the default settings, if you are inexperienced.










Internet Cleaner