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In Options you can define in detail which files of which browser are to considered or left out in the scan for unnecessary files. For each supported browser there is a tab in which you can explicitly define which elements are to be taken into account during a search.


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What do the following terms mean and how save is the deletion process?

WinOptimizer trenner Settings / Cookies


Browser Cache

It is always completely safe to delete all the items in the browser cache. The files here are simply temporary copies of the web pages you have visited recently. The worst thing that can happen is that you may have to wait a few seconds longer the next time you visit the website, and since the website has almost certainly changed in the meantime you will probably have to wait for it to reload anyway.



It is almost always safe to delete cookies. The only trouble you might have is that cookies created by trusted websites containing useful information could be deleted as well. Examples of this include the personalized products lists, user names and passwords that are stored, so that you do not have to fill them in time and time again.


Deleting the Windows® Explorer and Internet Explorer History Folder

To delete the contents of the Windows® Explorer and Internet Explorer History folder you must select the Empty History Folder option in the scan dialog. You can display the contents of the History folder by clicking on the History icon in Internet Explorer or Windows® Explorer. You should delete these entries with the Empty History Folder option, if you do not want others to see this information on your computer.


Deletion of the browser history (visited websites)

Deleting the Visited Sites entries is also completely safe. This is just a list of websites that you have visited recently. In the Microsoft® Internet Explorer the entries here are used for the autocomplete function and recent sites drop-down list in the browser’s address field. You only need to keep it, if you want to find recently-visited sites that you have not added to your Favorites list yet. Deleting these entries prevents other users from seeing where you have been on the web.




Secure Cookies

WinOptimizer trenner Settings / Cookies


Cookies of trusted sites

Deleting cookies is almost always safe. The only exceptions are the cookies created by trusted websites containing genuinely useful information that make browsing the sites easier or more fun. Examples of this include the personalized products lists displayed when you contact Amazon or stored user names and passwords so that you do not need to remember them to log on (although this feature is also a security risk, if other users have access to your computer).


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Adding sites to the trusted sites list

You can add Internet sites that you trust to this list to prevent their cookies from being deleted by the Internet Cleaner. Once you have added all the sites you trust you no longer need to check the Details screen before selecting Delete; the cookies of your trusted sites will be reliably excluded from the scans.

Just enter the URL of the site in the field shown on the left and click on Add.


Tip: Perform a scan and check Details after adding a new site to make sure that its cookies have been excluded.


Cookie URLs may be different from site URLs!

To be identified properly the URL must be entered exactly as shown in the URL column in the Details screen. The URL identifying a cookie may actually be slightly different from the URL used to access the site with your browser. For example to access a site you might enter but its cookie URL can be just















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