WinOptimizer trenner MRU Lists

Windows® uses the registry to store a number of lists of files recently opened or accessed by applications, including both Windows® components and third-party programs. These lists are referred to as MRU lists (Most Recently Used).




MRU lists are used so that you can access the files again more easily – they are displayed in a drop-down selection list the next time you start the program, and you can access them directly by selecting them in the list


These lists can compromise security and privacy because they allow anyone with access to your computer to see which files you have been accessing. If you want to prevent this you may want to include the MRU lists in your searches.



However, if you like the convenience that MRU lists provide and security or privacy are not an issue on your machine you can safely exclude them from your searches.


MRU lists you can include in your searches:



Windows® functions and modules:


· Search
· Run
· Windows® MediaPlayer
· Windows® Paint
· WordPad
· Explorer



Third-party applications:


· GetRight download manager
· WinZip


Others may be included, if enough users ask for them.


MRU Lists