Orphaned Shared DLL Entries

WinOptimizer trenner Orphaned Shared DLL Entries

WinOptimizer entry dll Orphaned Shared DLL Entries

DLL files are “library files” used to store functions that every Windows® application can access and use. It’s usually possible for any number of applications to access a DLL file at the same time.

Unlike COM/OLE objects, DLL files can’t be used to exchange data between applications, and they also can’t be used by Internet pages. As the name indicates, “shared DLLs” are used (shared) by multiple applications – usually applications from the same manufacturer. This has the advantage that updating a single DLL file can provide improved or enhanced functionality for all the applications that use the DLL.


Like so many other things, the information about these shared DLLs is stored in the registry. These registry entries can frequently still be found in the registry long after the applications and the DLLs themselves have been deleted. If the applications are moved to a different location or uninstalled incorrectly the registry entries no longer refer to the actual location of the DLL files and the applications are unable to find them.


Activating this option tells Registry Optimizer to find these “orphaned” entries referring to shared DLL files and presents them for deletion.


Orphaned Shared DLL Entries