The Basics

WinOptimizer trenner The Basics

In the image below you can see what the main program screen looks like. This way you can quickly and easily access all functions.


Using the main menu (at the top – on the right, red frame) you have access to all functions of Ashampoo WinOptimizer 9. If you click on this button, a menu opens with which you can find your desired module instantly. Its counterpart is situated below (pink frame) – the navigation bar. Here you can access all modules, your favorites, the backups and usage statistics.


In System (blue frame) you will find the most important information on your operating system and your computer. In the upper third you can see the installed operating system, how long it is already running and the number of installed applications and drivers. Below there is a compact hardware report as well as information about RAM, processor type and graphics card. Furthermore, information on the partitions, temperature of hard drives and information on possible problems is given.

At the bottom of the system area you find the Tuning Assistant that finds the best optimization options for your computer using a few simple questions.



WinOptimizer wo9 overview new.zoom85 The Basics


Maintenance (green frame) includes the popular cleaning and optimization modules and is started automatically checks your system when Ashampoo WinOptimizer 9 is launched. The One-Click Optimization, Service Manager and the StartUp Tuner are launched parallel and clean your system thoroughly. Whether it is to find and delete unnecessary files or to disable annoying auto-start programs, Ashampoo WinOptimizer 9 does do the job for you! Just click on Start search to start with maintaining your system.


In Optional and Live Tuner (orange frame) you get to more interesting functions. The hibernation status enables you not to shut down your computer, but to keep it in standby or sleep mode. Due to occurring errors and the fact that the power consumption and hard drive usage does not go back to null, this hibernation mode is not frequently used. However, there are several GB by default reserved on your drive for this. With a click on disable you can free this space again.

In real time the new Live Tuner pools all available resources in exactly those places where they are urgently needed. Existing processor cores, Windows® priorities and assigned usages of applications are customized, in order to ensure a trouble-free work flow. The resource-saving Live Tuner runs in the background – just a mouse click away. Just move the slider in the on-position and the Live Tuner will do its work.

Update backups serve the purpose to recover an older (maybe better) state of the operating system in case problems occur. If you also for example create backups of your system, then these backups are unnecessary. In this case please use the “symbol” on the right, next to the text.,

Below in the favorite speedometer design the current processor and main memory load is shown.




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The Basics