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WinOptimizer trenner Settings

You can get to the general program settings by either clicking on the on the Settings menu at the top or on Settings under General in the overview of all modules (Module) (see picture below).WinOptimizer wo9 settings menu.zoom85 Settings



Basic functions in detail

WinOptimizer trenner Settings

After clicking on Settings a menu opens where you can choose further setting for basic functions in the tabs at the top.


WinOptimizer wo9 basicfunctions.zoom85 Settings



Change the design of Ashampoo WinOptimizer 9 here. Below you can see three designs to choose from (Ultra Black, Standard Blue and Black Metal).


WinOptimizer wo9 skins.zoom85 Settings




Select a language here. After selecting a language, you have to restart Ashampoo WinOptimizer 9 to activate the changes.


WinOptimizer wo9 language.zoom85 Settings





Here you can specify a password to protect the program against unauthorized access. Please remember that you can’t use the program, when you forgot your password, because the system remembers the password even after uninstalling! Enter a password and repeat it in the field below. Then click on Set. After that the software can only be started, if the set password is entered.


WinOptimizer wo9 password.zoom85 Settings


Shortcut menu

The program also offers to provide functions via a context menu. You could then for example make a right click on a file in the Explorer and delete, encrypt, split etc. it with Ashampoo WinOptimizer 9. If you would like to make use of this, just check the box in front of Show context menu entries and restart your computer. The desired functions will then be displayed in the context menu.


WinOptimizer wo9 shortcut menu.zoom85 Settings




System analysis

The system analysis gives you the opportunity to optimize your system in different areas in only one step. To make this powerful tool work according to your ideas, you can chance more settings here. Just take a look at the options and decide which optimizations you would like to be performed. To deactivate just uncheck the box in front of the appropriate option. Please note that fewer files will be found / deleted, if you reduce the number of scan options.

Furthermore, you can decide which view you would like to be shown on the start of the software. You can either select the Overview page or the page with direct access to all modules.


WinOptimizer wo9 systemanalysis.zoom85 Settings



Here you can configure the Service Channel (which provides you with updates) and the rating system of the StartUp Tuner und Service Manager. The innovative online rating system pools the knowledge of all Ashampoo WinOptimizer users. To not receive this information just uncheck the appropriate boxes.

Under Animations you can decide whether certain parts of the program are displayed animated. As this is not important for the function of the program and costs computing power, it is deactivated by default. If you want animations to be displayed, just check the box in front the option.


WinOptimizer wo9 other.zoom85 Settings



Backups are there for safety so that they enable the problem-free recovery of the registry. These backups are created and saved automatically.

In order to keep track of things (several backups are created during frequent use), the program deletes backups every 30 days by default, if you confirm this process. In this menu you can define how long backups are to be stored (7 days / 14 days / 30 days / Never). Just tick the box in font of the appropriate option. If older backups should be deleted without your confirmation, uncheck the box in front of Ask before deleting old backups automatically.


WinOptimizer wo9 backups 3.zoom85 Settings


Usually backups are deleted without being moved into the recycle bin of your system. If you would like for backups to be moved to the recycle bin first, please tick the box in front of Move backups to the recycle bin instead of deleting. If you have restored a backup, you will have had a good reason for that. If such a restored backup should be deleted automatically, please check the appropriate box in front of Delete successfully restored backups.